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Brian Cosgrove is the P.G.A. Head Professional at Killeen Golf Club, Co.Kildare – just 15 minutes from Newlands Cross flyover. Brian started his coaching career in 2005 in Rathsallagh working with many of Team Ireland’s aspiring Tour Players at that time, before setting up his own academy in 2009.

Brian uses his Sports Science degree to tap into each golfer’s underlying potential. His expertise in the physical side of the game, together with his T.P.I. accreditation means he can evaluate each golfer and develop a swing suited specifically to the individual.

During the off-season, he continues to work with P.G.A. Trainee Professionals through the P.G.A. National Centre of Excellence @ The Belfry.

Back in Ireland, Brian likes to work with individuals who are willing to work on their game, but more importantly enjoy the process of striving to improve.

Since joining Killeen in 2011, Brian has helped the club capture three Leinster pennants & a Duggan Cup – all four, a first for the club.

If you really want to make a change to your golf game and learn how to enjoy the sport more, contact Brian.

Brian’s Contact Details:

Tel: 045 866 003
Mobile: 086 10 52 539


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